Goulie Scheer

About Goulie

Goulie Scheer is one of the most unique figures in personal development in America today.  Her extraordinary background, experience and training have given her an unparalleled insight into the complex natures of people, families, religions and social environments. 

After searching for the meaning of life, the purpose of life and why happiness, fulfillment and love are so important for well being, Goulie wanted to know who is God and what is God. She found her answers to those questions, however, she never stopped learning, growing and expanding. For the past 20 years, Goulie studied Jewish religion, Jewish philosophy, Kabbalah, sacred geometry, chemistry, mathematics, physics, music, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnosis and did extensive research in the facinating field of near death experiences (NDE's). She attended many workshops and seminars on different subjects and worked with many different teachers.

As an NLP and Hypnosis practitioner, together with all her accumulated knowledge and experience and having lived a consistantly fulfilled and meaningful life for the past decade, she developed her unique workshops and lectures to show everyone how they can have happiness and fulfillment as well and that, through the application of a few incredible techniques, happiness and fulfillment can be readily sought and achieved.